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campaign is an incompetent one." now, that sounds harsh but she issued a correction two days later saying, "i called it incompetent, i really meant rolling calamity." (laughter) but noonan has offered mitt a crucial bit of advice to win this election. "if he is serious he has to put in place a guiding philosophy." so there it is, from noonan, reagan's original wordsmith. but where this late in the campaign will mitt romney find a guiding philosophy? it seems hopeless! so this weekend i pinched out a loaf of hope! (applause) tonight i am proud to introduce my new book "america again: rebecomeing the greatness we never weren't." (cheers and applause) it is fulle
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market principles and tonight in keeping with those principles my coverage of me talking about my own book is brought to you by burger king-- home of the "why don't you buy this book"? (laughter) folks, this is the complete conservative guiding principle that mitt needs on everything: jobs, health care, even the controversial practice of hydrofracking which i explain with the help of a cartoon farting dinosaur. (applause) but don't worry. it's not all that technical. and mitt romney, the first copy is yours! second copy is mine. (laughter) i can't wait to read it. now let me just inscribe this bad boy right here. okay. uh-huh. uh-huh. "to mitt, use this book to
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become president." (laughter) "just make me ambassador to middle earth. (cheers and applause) yours, stephen colbert." okay. put that bad boy in an envelope and send! (cheers and applause) and for my few viewers out there who aren't mitt romney, you can get your own copy at bookstores everywhere starting next week if there are still bookstores anywhere next week. we'll be right back. 4h$h
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>> stephen: welcome back, everybody! later in my show tonight my guest will be claressa shields, the first-ever female olympic gold medalist in boxing. that is my dream job! (laughter) traveling the world punching foreigners in the face. (laughter) this is the sport report. (cheers and applause) nation, a couple weeks back i broke the story about how the n.f.l. owners locked out its union referees and is now using replacements from division 3 college football, high school football, and, i believe, european football. (laughter) in fact, in the last week's jets/dolphins game, both teams got a yellow card for using
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their hands. (laughter) the n.f.l. is also using several referees that were allegedly fired by the lingerie league for on field incompetent officiating. (laughter) for some reason, after every down they had to watch the slow motion replay. (laughter) but now these replacement refs are getting flak just because their innocent mistakes are determining the outcomes of games! (laughter) just listen to fox news' the brown haired guy who's not steve doocy. >> the calls to bring back regular n.f.l. refs sure to heat up after last night's game. if you're watching this show you probably didn't watch this game. would they complete this pass? the refs say so. the packers scored if the interception really in my mind. >> stephen: also in ms. mind, pancakes. (laughter) folks, people are pissed! including the packers guard t.j. lang tweeted "got (bleep)ed by the refs.
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embarrassing. thanks n.f.l. ". (cheers and applause) and believe me, the packers know embarrassing. (laughter) this call upset even union-busting governor and packer fan scott walker who tweeted "after catching a few hours of sleep, the packers game is still just as painful" adding the hashtag "return the real refs." now, i can see why he wants the union refs back. i mean, crushing the teachers union is fine, but he might have had money on that game! well, sorry, governor walker, but the n.f.l.'s numbers are against you because t.v. ratings are at record highs. sunday night's ratings were up 8% over a year ago which means the free market has spoken! that was a great call! (laughter) because apparently people are tuning in just to see terrible calls! and that was one of the greatest worst calls in football history.
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(laughter) right up there with brett favre pressing "send." (laughter) people-- they love it. people love sports disasters. that's why they watch nascar or the mets. (audience reacts) i say the n.f.l. should incorporate other things that entertainingly ruin the game. for instance, stop mowing the grass. (laughter) or if you must mow it, make the ground crew spend 20 minutes in a gyroscope before they paint the lines on the field. (laughter) and maybe swap out the uprights for those wavy car dealership guys. (applause) so i say let the lockout continue! these replacement refs are great for business! (laughter) i just hope they're demanding to get paid what they're worth.
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i mean, if the owners don't give it to them, they should really form a union. (laughter) we'll be right back.
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>> stephen: welcome back, everybody, thank you so much! my guest tonight is the first woman to win gold in olympic boxing. that's called punching through the glass ceiling. (laughter) please welcome claressa shields. (cheers and applause)
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clas rea, thank you so much for coming on. what an honor, olympic champion, thank you so much. an historic olympic champion at that. now, young lady, how was london? >> london was great, i had a glorious time. it was fun. >> stephen: did you ever think when you were a kid-- how old were you when you started boxing? >> i was 11. >> stephen: what drew you-- there were a lot of sports out there, you know? you could have played basketball, you could have played softball, why boxing? >> i just simply-- to make it simple, i love hitting people. (laughter). (laughter). >> stephen: i'm glad you're not a waitress. >> (laughs). >> stephen: i'll keep that in mind as we go forward with this interview. what is it you enjoy most about hitting the people? (laughter) >> i think it must be about when shall be hits me and then when i
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hit them back it's like they can hit me hard and i'm like "okay, i'm about to hit you back harder." and sometimes i make them cry and that's a wonderful thing. (laughter and applause) >> stephen: is there crying in boxing? do people sometimes cry up there? >> yes. >> stephen: i didn't realize there was crying in boxing? >> the girl i beat cried. >> stephen: so for the gold medal you fought a us areky, okay? you fought a russky. what country is it most satisfying to punch in the face? >> (laughs) all of them! (applause). >> stephen: that's nice. can i see the gold medal? >> yeah. >> stephen: oh, that thing is heavy. >> yeah. >> stephen: you have to be in shape just to wear it. >> yeah. >> stephen: so how much training? what's your day like? how much time do you spend in the ring training? >> well, up in flint i usually go down-- i run in the morning and that's probably about an
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hour, then i sleep through the day then probably 6:00 to 8:30 i work out. so that's eight hours during the day. so training camp was different. >> stephen: so you live in flynt, michigan, and you enjoy punching people. do you ever run into michael moore because he's from flint-- just for me, just go-- "this one is from stephen colbert." (laughter) right across the chops. he's a heavy-- what weight class are you? >> middle weight. >> stephen: is that a compliment for a woman? >> (laughs) >> stephen: mihdar ling you're a middle weight tonight. >> yeah, it's better than people saying heavyweight. that's an insult i think. >> stephen: are there heavyweights? do women go up to heavyweights? >> yeah, up in women's boxing if you're over 178 pounds they call you a heavyweight. >> stephen: now, as the first woman to win an olympic gold medal, you're the first, you're a pioneer. but who were the role models? who are the boxers you said "i want to box like that"?
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>> it wasn't even women. i looked at joe louis, sugar ray robinson, tommy hearns, i never looked at any of the women. >> stephen: okay, because you're the first olympic champion for women so you-- in some ways you have to look up to yourself. (laughter) which is big shoes to fill. (laughter) but i think you can do it. >> yeah, i can do it. yeah. >> stephen: did i just blow your mind? (laughter) >> i never-- i always try not to think too big about it. really when i'm bogging i never even looked at any other female boxer. i was just like "i immediate to be better than whoever's out there." >> stephen: now you have style in the ring. a lot of olympic boxing is staid, very-- very quiet and formal. but you had a little razzle dazzle out there. did that throw your opponents? >> razzle dazzle? um-- >> stephen: it's a technical term. (laughter) >> i think it did.
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you know, like nobody moves their head like me, nobody does this that like i do. (applause) (laughs) >> stephen: all right. can you-- i'm very excited about the fact that we have the united states-- the united states has you as our pioneer in this but i was always taught not to hit a lady, okay? is it okay for me to do that now? (laughter) >> um-- don't hit me. >> stephen: don't hit you? no, because it would be the last punch i ever throw. (laughter) do i look punchable? i've been told i've got a punchable head. (laughter) where would you punch me? right here? a (laughs) right here? and then once the blood stopped-- (laughter). would you just here is my head off with one punch? >> no, i would say sorry for hitting you. >> stephen: oh, that's nice. but it would feel good for you because i would start crying.
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>> (laughs) yeah, that would make my day. (laughter) >> stephen: well, please come back another time and throw a punch at me. >> all right. >> stephen: thank you so much. olympic gold medalist claressa shields! we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) 4h$h
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(cheers and applause) >> stephen: well, that's it for "the report" everybody,
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>> we got word on the street.
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honeys dropping their gs wanting pieces of me running the block with the rhyme and make the hood walk the talk and boss and the king kiss my ass so they kiss my ring. what's up, homey, yeah. >> i'm the leader of the free world. [laughter] [♪]
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[cheers and applause] >> wow. >> welcome to the show. i am keegan. >> i'm jordan. >> this is keegan peele. keegan and i both have white moms. it's true. we have white moms and the thing about being a white mom being a black guy as a kid a white mom can't hit a black kid in public. >> can't go it. gets racial too fast. >> it escalates to this racial thing and a became aware of this at a very young age. my mom spanked me once in the grocery store. i swore to god, keegan. you know the tear denzel washington in glory, that's what i did. and i promise you just instinctively

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